The West’s Rookie Reviewers

Image by James Campbell

This year, in partnership with Media Education at The West Australian, bright young things were given the opportunity to further their writing skills with real journalists! In this workshop they learned all about writing for the media, structuring reviews, and what to look for while watching a show.

They used their press passes to enter an AWESOME Festival show, take their notes and then headed back to the workshop to learn how to take their observations and turn them into a newspaper worthy review.

A selection of the reviews were published in The West Australian’s ED! Magazine, and we’ll be posting all of them for you here!

by Nicola Archibald, age 11

Kaleidoscope Shines Rainbow Light on Kids with Asperger’s Syndrome
by Freja Salt, Age 11

Kaleidoscope Colours Big Top!
by Jaime Leivers, age 12

by Isabella Teasdale, age 11

Kaleidoscope & The Spaceman Cometh
by Bryan Wee, age 12

The Spaceman Cometh
by Nadia Di Silvio

The Spaceman Cometh
by Katelyn Yates

The Spaceman Cometh
by Mia Antenucci

The Spaceman Cometh
by Macie Martin