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The AWESOME Festival is an annual celebration of International, Australian and local arts presented across a huge variety of disciplines;

visual arts
media arts

The AWESOME Festival runs for the general public in the second week of the Term 3 school holidays, and opens exclusively for school tour groups during the first week of Term 4. The 2018 AWESOME Festival will offer school excursions from 9 – 12 October.

Excursions consist of a theatre show, a workshop with a professional artist, and a schedule of activities highlighting the best that the AWESOME Festival can offer!

Tours are led by one of our amazing guides and includes an Excursion Management Plan, and an Educator’s Resource Kit including Theatre Etiquette.

The Kit includes pre and post Festival activities linked to the new WA Scope and Sequence curriculum for 3 phases of development;

early childhood
middle childhood 
and early adolescence


For more information on booking an excursion at the 2018 AWESOME Festival you can view the
2018 Teacher’s Handbook




Engaging and inspiring excursions for Pre Primary to Year SevenEngaging excursions from pre-primary to year


We have 3 AWESOME excursion packages to choose from

Package 1: 

The Listies Make You LOL! features alien attacks, toilet paper cannons, spew, the rudest word in the world and the most disgusting pair of undies you’ve ever seen in your life.
Students will also be invited to a dance workshop and performance of Game Theory an all-terrain dance performance that is designed to be performed anywhere, indoors or outdoors, day or night. A game of hopscotch grows increasingly complicated and physically demanding, transforming bit by bit into a kaleidoscopic journey around the world of body percussion, and ending in a hyperactive havoc.

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Package 2: 

With exquisite puppetry, in a tale forged of fantasy and reality, Ruby’s Wish is a pocket-sized bundle of charm for all ages. As we watch the two misfits – ailing child and awkward clown – create their fantasy world of mop monsters, bed caves and imaginary paper friends, we are drawn into Ruby’s bittersweet life – and come to see that imagination can make almost anything come true.
Students will also participate in Jens Altheimer’s Workshop, Cause and Effect. Part evolving machine, part performance children will be invited to tackle creative problem-solving with a tinkering twist.

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Package 3:

Four Go Wild in Wellies is a playful look at how friendships are built, broken and mended – a whimsical dance adventure featuring tents that have a life of their own, bobble hats, and of course, lots of fun in wellies!

Indepen-dance is a Scottish, award winning inclusive dance company for disabled and non-disabled people to enjoy, express, and fulfil their potential through dance. Their mission is to enable participation in high quality arts provision and improve wellbeing, quality of life and provide opportunities for disabled and non-disabled dancers in both the professional and non-professional dance sectors. Students will be invited to participate in a workshop with the Indepen-dance artists.


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Is this for my students? 
All Indepen-dance activities are offered to disabled and non-disabled people. Providing everyone with the opportunity to learn from each other and share a creative experience. Their  artistic approach is to ensure the arts and dance in particular, is inclusive, and that children, young people and adults who are disabled are fully included in the creative process of making, performing and being an audience for dance. Suitable for all ages














AWESOME Are Getting print-tacular in 2018

and we want your school to make your mark!


AWESOME invite your school to create your own print artworks to be displayed during the 2018 AWESOME Festival (29 Sept – 12 Oct)

Free Submission!


Schools will also receive a curriculum Linked Educators’ Resource Kit on various printmaking techniques.

Entrants in the Little Impressions exhibition will receive a discount on booking School Excursion Packages. Tickets are $24.75 (inc GST) per student.


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Did you know?

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