Rookie Reviewer – Nicola Archibald

Image by James Campbell

Join Ethan and his siblings as we step into the life of a young boy with Asperger’s syndrome. This masterpiece is a fusion of acrobatics, acting and circus stunts which incorporates a number of different and sophisticated aspects such as music, lighting and simple costumes. Kaleidoscope, performed in the Channel 7 Big Top in the Perth Cultural Centre was truly a work of art, and on the third of October I was lucky enough to witness its very first performance in Perth. This was no ordinary circus, this takes viewers expectations and imaginations above and beyond.

While you remain sitting in your seats, you are transported into a world of twists and upside downs, giving viewers the feeling of what Ethan goes through on a daily basis. His siblings are his lifelines, holding him up whenever needed. Throughout the show their devotion is presented in a unique way.

Nothing could better display this story than a Kaleidoscope full of acrobatics and colour. The incorporation of circus stunts and simple costumes is exquisite. Starting in white costumes, as the production moves forward they change to black symbolising hardship in a world full of colours, joy and opportunity.

The simple lighting reflects the mood of the performance and contrasts the play well. The few props used, are simple with significant roles. The director Chelsea McGuffin and Company 2 have inventively used acrobatic items such as the trapeze to display the message of perspectives and how each person’s view on life is unique.

Whilst there are many likeable things about this inventive performance I can only criticise one aspect and that is the microphones were soft and when Ethan spoke we were unable to hear everything that he said, which is a shame because his message is so poignant. However, over all it is a performance that the whole family and any age can enjoy, with a moral that will travel with you forever

Kaleidoscope is a performance you cannot miss. Sending us a truthful and beautiful moral. You are never alone. While Ethan and his siblings figure out the ups and downs of life and together attempt to reach new heights you can sit and witness it all. For that, I recommend it to everyone as I know that each and every person can relate to it in their own personal way.

Nicola Archibald, age 11