Rookie Reviewer – Nadia Di Silvio

Image by James Campbell

As part of the AWESOME Festival on 2nd October, The Spaceman Cometh was shown to the public. As it is created and directed by local comedians, you could tell that lots of laughs were ahead.

This space-themed show was carefully planned. With AWESOME sets to kooky costumes the laughs were ongoing with Lance Grandio and Rusty Van Driver making hilarious jokes. This interactive show changes when the audience helps makes decisions with the outcome of bewildering results.

Due to the amount of jokes and humorous skits and stunts, Lance and Rusty will have you falling off your seat with laughter. This family friendly show focuses and engages audiences as well as makes them laugh and join in. Let’s just hope nobody dies laughing in their next appearance.

Given that the space was small, a lot was done. Coloured lights were moving when travelling to different planets and the lights were big which resulted in strong heat. The costumes for aliens were crazy with lots of laughs. Lance and Rusty were truly astronauts in their space-explorer costumes.

The shows skits and jokes were very unique and wonderful. Lots of enjoyment went through the show as these hilarious spacemen went through their journey in space. Some jokes 3 to 7 year olds might not understand, so it was funny for parents and older children as well.

I recommend families of ages 8+ can go to see THE SPACEMAN COMETH. It should bring fun and entertainment to them on a boring and free day.

The Spaceman Cometh by Nadia Di Silvio