Rookie Reviewer – Mia Antenucci

Image by James Campbell

“Never fart in your spacesuit”……it’s kind of weird to hear but silly. What am I talking about? “The Spaceman Cometh” an improv show at the Awesome Festival. The show starred Sean Walsh as Rusty, Sam Longley as Lance and Damon Lockwood as Mission Control. The show was in the Channel Seven Big Top during the Awesome Festival from the 1st to 8th of October.

Everything was black, even the curtains. Pretty basic and dull but the improve style of the show meant it had to be that way. There was a rocket ship in one corner and on the opposite side of the stage there was a little bit of a planet. It was uninteresting to look at. They should have made the planet purple to make it more interesting. But the plot made up for the plainness of the props. The show was unusual. When we walked in we were given a piece of paper with questions on it that we had to answer. The kids in the audience were in charge. The answers we gave decided some of the characters names and some objects they used on their journey. Rusty and Lance had to save the earth from an evil alien who, on Monday the second of October, was called “Buggy”.

It was hilarious because they were acting like excited but scared toddlers, when they they looked like grown men. The best scene was when they were going up to the alien planet. They were screaming at the top of their voices because they were scared. The lights were yellow and orange. Rusty was screaming “Mummy!”. It was entertaining apart from the fact they kept laughing at their own jokes and that made it less funny. They were trying to act like kids but they kept telling jokes that only adults would understand so that part didn’t really work.

I would recommend this show. The audience laughed so much they were in stitches. It was “Awesome”. 4.5 out of 5.

The Spaceman Cometh by Mia Antenucci