Rookie Reviewer – Macie Martin

Image by James Campbell

The Spaceman Cometh is an incredibly creative theatre show full of laughs, improvisation and interaction with the audience. This amazing show is perfect for children from four years old and is part of this year’s fantastic AWESOME festival. There are lots of jokes for adults as well so they will enjoy it just as much as their kids.

In the show there are five characters played by three well known Perth comedians, Sam Longley, Sean Walsh and Damon Lockwood. They take us on an adventure through space.

The show starts on planet Earth where Rusty and Lance are sent on a mission to defeat the alien boss because he is trying to take control of all of the world’s aliens. So they get into their rocket ship and blast off into outer space to find the evil alien.

On the way, they make a little alien friend called Shnortfrog who helps them find and destroy the evil alien boss.

But there is way more to this story than you think. A storm in outer space means Lance and Rusty have to take their new friend back to planet Earth. The trip back to Earth doesn’t go smoothly but Shnortfrog’s head saves the day.

Safely back on Earth Lance takes Shnortfrog on a tour of our home planet.

What’s really fun about this show is the interaction with the audience. Before it starts children are asked to write down the answers to four questions which are then used in the show.  It means no show is exactly the same and the audience helps create character names and some elements of the story. The audience even has a say in the moral of the story – even though they don’t really make sense. But that’s what makes this show so much fun.

There aren’t lots of props and there doesn’t need to be, because the dialogue and movement helps you see what is not there.

The Spaceman Cometh is a show for the whole family and playing at the AWESOME festival until Sunday October 8.

The Spaceman Cometh by Macie Martin