Rookie Reviewer – Katelyn Yates

Image by James Campbell

These three crazy and hilarious comedians will have you glued to your seats from beginning till end.

This engaging show started when Lance and Rusty got a call to save the planet called Earth MK 2. They buckle up and get ready but they have to complete something first. They ask the audience to help and this is what the audience said John sieana, a cake and a spoon. Audience participation is in every line you don’t just sit there just to watch you actually get exited to see what other people say this can lead it to an outrageous turn out. When they land on Earth MK 2,  Lance gets out of Zoom (the rocket ship’s name) and meets an alien  called Snokflock so they get a translator to find out what he is saying Lance finds out that he is saying he knows where to go to Buggies secret layer but he stops and said he does not want to be punished from Buggie so Lance who cannot be punished from Buggie because he is not from the planet Earth MK 2. When he gets to the evil lair he meets Buggie he looked horrible but was by the look of it the biggest and ugliest of all aliens with a hump and mosey skin with a tinge of light green skin. Lance introduced himself with a smile and told him to stop doing torture to the aliens of Earth MK 2 with no one’s surprise he said no just as he was about strike and injure him Lance pulled out a TV and Buggie became fixed to the TV immediately and payed no attention to Lance so Lance sneaked out and returned to the ship where Snockflock was waiting and said eagerly so did you do it Lance did a big smile and the alien knew he had done the job but then worry had come to Snockflock’s face who is going to rule now, but Lance had an answer to that you can come to Earth with us Snockflock said yes desperately and went in the ship to where Rusty was waiting Lance introduced Snockflock to Rusty and went to the engine to start the ship. Then when they arrived to Earth Lance took Snockflock the fastest trip from man in fifteen minutes on feet they had seen Paris, Northbridge ,Queensland and even more! Then it was time to say goodbye to their good alien friend they became very emotional then they went back to the ASSA were they got rewarded by the Prime minister.

I recommend this show strongly for all ages especially for families and people who like comedy. I enjoyed this show so I will rate it ten out of ten.

The Spaceman Cometh by Katelyn Yates