Rookie Reviewer – Jaime Leivers

Image by James Campbell

Kaleidoscope, directed by Chelsea McGuffin and performed by Company 2, created a sensory experience for the whole family to enjoy. Held inside the Channel 7 Big Top, the show will make you laugh and cry. This wonder-filled show came all the way from Brisbane, Queensland.

When I first sat down at the show, I admit to being uncertain. The backdrop seemed pretty plain and there was only a few props and apparatus scattered around, not really that impressive. When the actors began to perform, there was silence. Movement, acrobatics, skill, sound, light…I was bombarded with images and sound. I realised the plain backdrop didn’t matter. I was spellbound.

The storyline is abstract but is beautifully done. Ethan’s condition (Asperger’s Syndrome) is explored in a way that is both exciting and realistic. You really feel for Ethan and what he experiences. The acrobats create the atmosphere during the show, using circus techniques, which are done exquisitely. Daringly, the tricks are done without a net!

The set is simple but that is all the story needs. Actors provide the zest that makes the performance a must-see. There is a hula hoop, a pole, a bed and pillows. (Yes, they included a pillow fight!) All add to the storyline in a huge way, and make it a spectacle!

In my opinion, the real showstopper was the use of the pole. It was used for some bold tricks, which anyone seeing the show will love. However, do not try these tricks at home unless you want a visit to the hospital!

The only downside was the uncomfortable seating arrangement. You sit, effectively, on the floor which is a bit uncomfortable. Be prepared for a sore back after seeing the show!

All in all, I feel like Kaleidoscope is a show that everyone will enjoy. Not only do the cast perform with a certain gusto that makes the show exciting, they manage to bring you along on a journey. A journey where you will be excited, you will be scared, you will be inspired but you will feel content by the final applause.

Kaleidoscope Colours Big Top! by Jaime Leivers, age 12