Rookie Reviewer – Freja Salt

Image by James Campbell

A kaleidoscope is a rainbow of colours: shifting, changing and always different. This title perfectly sums up this show, where the colours, shapes, perspectives and ideas are unique. Within a plain surrounding, watch this performance come alive, and see a beautiful kaleidoscope of difference.

Red symbolises anger within our characters and scenes. Ethan, our main character, has Asperger’s Syndrome. He seems to be the opposite of red. Calm, collected. A little confused. However, one of Ethan’s older brothers is red. He is a little angry at the world, with his quick, strong movements. Another sibling, Ella, is missing her colours, and wants them back with a fiery, red passion.

If yellow symbolises anxiety, travelling all the way from Brisbane, the cast and crew of Kaleidoscope were probably feeling yellow. Chelsea McGuffin, the director of this performance was probably anxious about their first performance in Perth. Another yellow element would be the use of circus. Making the audience feel tense is an important element of the thrill of circus. This ‘on-edge’ feeling is symbolic of what Ethan feels every day.

All the design elements in this piece can be represented as varying shades of green. Dark green symbolises the backgrounds – pretty plain, but they have a purpose. Sea green, the props. A little confusing, with minimal colour. Mint green were the lights, calm and slow. Finally, lime green for the costumes. Flashes of difference, all in a colourful rush.

Blue is the perfect colour for the highlights. Representing the sky, it shows how well done this piece was. It was sky high! This show was amazing. A particularly incredible part was the acrobatics – from tipping red paint on a performer’s head to a giant pillow fight. Perfectly executed, in a beautiful way, all with a smile on the performers’ faces.

As the play tells us: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. Kaleidoscope tells an exceptional story, told through a rainbow of colours, it gets a 10/10 rating from me.  You MUST see this show if it comes to Perth again.

Kaleidoscope Shines Rainbow Light on Kids with Asperger’s Syndrome by Freja Salt, Age 11