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Interested in performing at the AWESOME Festival?

The AWESOME Festival is one of the largest and most successful contemporary arts festivals for children and young people in Australia. We aim to give Western Australian children and their families access to quality arts experiences across a range of artforms.

We aspire to be a benchmark for quality and to inspire other presenters to offer quality experiences rather than ‘entertainment’.

AWESOME is a curated Festival, and there is no official application process; shows are selected and invited once Jenny Simpson, the Festival Director, has seen them. Jenny tries to see as many shows and exhibitions are she possibly can and generally does not program work unless she has seen it in front of an audience. That said, she is happy to receive information about shows, films, exhibitions and installations.

Initial contact: We currently program performing arts about 12-18 months in advance. If you are interested in performing at the AWESOME Festival please complete the form below and we will be in touch to tell you if your work has been shortlisted for further consideration.

International work: For companies/artists not based in Australia, please advise if there are any options available for your country of origin to cover/contribute to freight and travel costs. We have a very limited budget for travel costs and seldom program international work without some form of travel cost support.

Please appreciate that we receive hundreds of approaches every year and only a few works will be programmed.

To give you an idea of what we’re looking for:

We program work that:


is unique

created/presented by professional artists

respects and values children as citizens

has high production values

encourages children to think differently about the world

invites participation

can be enjoyed by people of all ages

is suitable for 0-12 years (or an age group within that range)

can be offered to school groups

What we don’t program:


children’s ‘entertainment’

work that is highly commercialised or part of a major franchise


shows that have or will be presented in Perth 12 months either side of the AWESOME Festival


Contact Name

Contact Email

Contact Phone

Name of Company/Artist/Producer

Name of Work and Brief Synopsis

Link to Video of Work (We must see your work for it to be considered for programming, please inform us if we have seen it in the past)

Age Suitability (NB. Our target age group is 12 years and under)

Venue Requirements
Site specific/outdoor (If so provide details)Can be presented in a tentTheatre Space RequiredGallery Space Required

Country/State of Origin

Number of people in touring party

Freight Information

Weekly sell-off fee (excluding travel costs/per diems/accommodation - and if a show, how many performances per week for the fee quoted)

Other costs/requirements ie. Royalties, onsite tech staff, props/hires to be provided by the Festival

Where else have you presented your work?

Thank you for your submission. Please note that only applications with submissions that fit our programming requirements will be contacted.