Junior Reviewers – Valentine



Image Credit Marshall Stay

Review by Elizabeth Logie

Age 9, Rosalie Primary School

Valentine is a mimed story about a girl and her heart that don’t always get along, and her loving relationship with her Grandpa. It cleverly uses shadow puppets that would be easily made at home, and was performed by one person in front of the shadow screen and one behind.

The audience enjoyed the humour and the interactive parts of Valentine. At times most of the audience were laughing out loud, particularly younger kids. During the show Valentine gives a chance for audience members to get involved in a fun way, so sit as far forward as you can! There are chances for audience members to help Valentine find her heart.

The play uses outlines and shadows to tell the story, so the kids in the audience have to use their imaginations to fill in the details.
The story was so imaginatively interpreted that I didn’t always understand exactly what was happening. But, the show was slow enough for little kids to easily keep up with and the humour was nice and simple so little kids can grasp it and find it funny.

Valentine didn’t talk but she was able to communicate her emotions and the story to the audience, which we thought was impressive.

We recommend it to kids ages 5-7.

I give it 3 stars out of 5.



Image Credit Marshall Stay

Review by Marcus Logie

Age 9, Rosalie Primary School

Valentine is about a girl, dressed as a clown, who lost her much-loved grandpa and is on a search to find her heart.

Young audience members clearly enjoyed the simple humour and repeating jokes. I found the actor expressed Valentine’s experiences believably.

At times the play included a random selection of audience members, giving the play an interactive side. This was fun and it was
clear many audience members were excited to participate.

It was interesting to see a play with no talking, and only expressions and small confused or happy noises. I was also inspired to see how easy it might be to create a show similar to this on my own at home with just household materials.

I enjoyed the interactive parts and the acting and shadows, but it took me a while to comprehend what was going on, and I still have questions. However, younger audiences didn’t seem to require this and clearly enjoyed the show for it’s immediate aspects, such as the comic miming, humour and the way each funny part of the show got repeated for a while.

I think it is ideally suitable for ages 5-7.

I give it 3¼ stars out of 5.