Free Film Incursion Program

As a part of the AWESOME International Arts Festival for Bright Young Things, AWESOME Arts are offering teachers Free Film Incursion Resources including the very best of the Facets Kids Program (Chicago International Children’s Film Festival).

Two programs are available each including 1-hour of internationally recognised short films from around the world, as well as a comprehensive Education Resource Kit linked with the new WA Curriculum, including activities, questions, worksheets and more.    

Unspoken Storytelling

KK-Year 8 

(56.33 minutes – 10 short films) 

An exploration of non-verbal communication and storytelling in film and media, with units of learning on sound effects and Foley, music and soundtracks, and, non-verbal performance and symbolism. Activities have a particular focus on Media Arts, Drama and Music. 

Education Resource Kit available for Early Childhood (KK-Year 2), Middle Childhood (Year 3-6), and Early Adolescence (Year 7 & 8).  


Legendary Locals

Year 3-Year 8

(68.31 minutes – 6 short films) 

A culturally diverse selection of short films exploring personal narratives grounded in a sense of place. Units of learning focus on storyboarding, retelling well-known fables with a local twist, and creating stop motio films about local “legends” and stories. Activities are curriculum linked to Media Arts, Visual Arts and English.  

Education Resource Kit available for Middle Childhood (Year 3-6), and Early Adolescence (Year 7&8).

Please contact Brianna Wotzko – or call 9328 9666 to learn more or obtain your teacher resource kit.