2015 AWESOME Festival

2015 AWESOME Festival

Each year in the October school holidays, The AWESOME Festival presents a spectacular array of theatre, dance, early childhood activities, music, film and hands-on activities in the Perth Cultural Centre.

The 2015 AWESOME International Arts Festival for Bright Young Things will return to the Perth Cultural Centre to inspire and delight Perth children aged 0 – 12 and their families.

School Tours are available during Term 4 from 13 – 16 October. Please contact Miranda at admin@awesomearts.com to organise an amazing and engaging experience for your class, or visit the Teachers section of the website for more information.

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Subsidised Ticketing:
Thanks to support from the State Government, through the Department of Culture and the Arts, the 2015 AWESOME Festival is able to offer a limited number of tickets at a subsidised rate to families who need it most. If you are a Pension or a Health Care Card Holder you can purchase up to 6 tickets for selected shows and events. Please go to our subsidised tickets page for more information and the list of shows available here

Companion Card holders are eligible for free entry to the show they are purchasing tickets for. To book a free Companion Card ticket please call the AWESOME office on 9328 9666 during business hours.

If you have a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, we have partnered with DADAA to create special navigational guide. The guide has been designed so you can make informed choices based on the needs of your child and make the most of your Festival experience. You can download the guide from the link below.


2015 Autism Spectrum Disorder Guide
1.43M Portable document format
  • Opening Weekend Concert with Jay Laga'aia!

    Australia 4 Oct Western Australia Museum - Perth

    Jay Laga’aia is one of Australia’s most well loved children’s presenters. Best known for his long association with Play School, Jay now has his own show, Jay’s Jungle, on Seven TWO. Join Jay as he sings songs from Jay’s Jungle and his best selling ARIA nominated albums on the opening weekend of the 2015 AWESOME Festival for Bright Young Things! Jay’s jungle beats and smooth tunes will be sure to have everybody dancing! [more]

  • Story Time with Jay Laga'aia!

    Australia 4 Oct State Library of Western Australia

    To celebrate the opening of The Lynley Dodd Story exhibition, Jay Laga’aia will be doing a very special Story Time reading of a book from the Hairy Maclary series. [more]

  • My Family Is Weirder Than Your Family

    Victoria 3–12 Oct The Channel 7 Circus Tent

    Award winning comedian and songwriter Josh Earl, has a weird family. You think your family is weird? They’re nothing compared to Josh’s. From Dads who can’t read maps, Mums who watch too much TV and a Nan who needs a lesson in table manners. And don’t get him started on his brother. From the host of Spicks and Specks comes a show perfect for kids, and just as hilarious for adults. [more]

  • Nothing Rhymes With Orange (Except Porridge If you Mumble It)

    Victoria 6–8 Oct State Library of Western Australia

    Join Josh Earl in an informal and collaborative song writing workshop, tapping into each child’s creativity, to help them write and perform their own funny song. Ideal for kids with or without any musical training, the only thing required is some imagination. And a pen. Please bring a pen. [more]

  • Story Time With Josh Earl

    Australia 7–9 Oct State Library of Western Australia

    Do you love a good story? Come along to one of the free events with masterful story-teller Josh Earl, guaranteed to make you giggle!

    This is a free event, but bookings are essential!

  • An Audience with Dame Lynley Dodd

    New Zealand 6 Oct State Library of Western Australia

    Be inspired at a wonderful Q&A session with Dame Lynley Dodd about her career, writing and illustration and the exhibition. [more]

  • The Lynley Dodd Story - Curator Tours

    New Zealand 4–5 Oct State Library of Western Australia

    Take a tour with exhibition curator Penelope Jackson to gain special insights into the exhibition and get a private signing opportunity with Dame Lynley Dodd. [more]

  • The Lynley Dodd Story

    New Zealand 3–16 Oct State Library of Western Australia

    The Lynley Dodd Story is an exhibition of artworks and artifacts from the acclaimed and world-renowned author and illustrator of the Hairy Maclary and Friends™ book series. Beginning her career in 1973 with a collaboration with Eve Sutton illustrating My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes, Dame Lynley Dodd went on to produce many books including The Nickle Nackle Tree. In 1983 the character Hairy Maclary was born, and has captured the hearts of children across generations. AWESOME Festival-goers will even have the opportunity to meet Dame Lynley Dodd as we are delighted that she will be in Perth to open the exhibition and host special tours and a once-in-a-lifetime audience event! [more]

  • LaLaLuna

    Australia 6–9 Oct State Theatre Centre of Western Australia

    What if, one night, you found yourself in charge of the light in the moon? And what if, that same night, the moon’s lightbulb went out? This is the beginning of one very strange night … a night called LaLaLuna. A surreal and whimsical tale of the moon’s caretaker as he struggles to re-light the darkened moon, LaLaLuna is circus, theatre and film woven together with a poetic and comic physical language all its own. Beloved by AWESOME audiences following his seasons of The Man the Sea Saw and Letter’s End, physical theatre master Wolfe Bowart returns to Perth to present his joyful solo creation LaLaLuna. [more]

  • Carnival of the Animals

    Australia 10–16 Oct State Theatre Centre of Western Australia

    The Circa Carnival comes to town with whimsical tales of creatures of land and sea, who tumble, fly, leap and spin their way through the many wondrous worlds of the animal kingdom.

    Zebras juggle and flip, kangaroos skip and somersault, there’s elephants with street-cred and rhythm, and even dinosaur bones shake, clatter and roll to the music… [more]

  • Rain

    New South Wales 5–10 Oct State Theatre Centre of Western Australia

    Participate in an intimate experience that responds to the generosity of rain. Grownups and their littlest ones are immersed in an installation space full of surprise, delight and opportunities for connection through music, touch and performance.

    Rain has been created especially for babes in arms and crawlers… [more]

  • Cloud Man

    Scotland 5–11 Oct Western Australia Museum - Perth

    Cloudia has always had her head in the clouds. A cloud expert, she has dreamt all her life of seeing a Cloud Man – extremely rare creatures who live a quiet life high up in the sky. In this delightful show the audience follows the clues to the very top of Cloud Mountain, a place where the views are always surprising – and, if you’re lucky, you might see something very special indeed. [more]

  • Secret Life of Suitcases

    Scotland 5–11 Oct Western Australia Museum - Perth

    Larry works in an office and he likes it very much. He likes sorting and tidying and generally putting things in order. Everything is in its place, a place for everything. Larry has no time for fun!

    Until one day, when a suitcase suddenly appears at his door… [more]

  • Caterpillars

    New Zealand/Finland 3–9 Oct Western Australia Museum - Perth

    Caterpillars is a physical comedy based loosely on the life cycle of two personified caterpillars/butterflies, and told by two
less-than-capable clown puppeteers. The magical world of giant caterpillars, floating eggs, and waving flowers comes to life in front of your eyes, and will delight young children and their grown ups. [more]

  • Oddball

    Canada/Germany 3–12 Oct The Channel 7 Circus Tent

    You might have witnessed his Doorway Cabaret in the Fringe World Pleasure Garden, but you can now join Dado in his first full-length visual comedy show for children. Dado uses creative props to keep the audience entertained. This masterful comedy performer will tickle the funny bone of children and adults alike. [more]

  • Jazzamatazz

    Australia 6–9 Oct Perth Cultural Centre

    2015 AWESOME Festival presents an afternoon of jumpin’, jiving’ jazz for the kids. Led by the insanely talented (and mother of a toddler) Ali McGregor, this hour of jazzy beats & early 90’s references will get your kids singing & prancing, twisting & dancing. [more]

  • Dirt and Other Delicious Ingredients

    New Zealand 5–11 Oct Perth Cultural Centre

    Join Java Dance Company as they enliven your senses as three dancers dig deep in the dirt to find hidden ingredients to create a world before your eyes. Enjoy the smells of fresh spices, the energy of the movement and the live percussive soundtrack in this stunning dance theatre performance. There’s magic hidden in every crevice, you just need to dig! [more]

  • Gentlemen of the Road

    United Kingdom 5–8 Oct Perth Cultural Centre

    Back by popular demand for four shows only! The Chipolatas bring their unique brand of circus theatre with live music to capture hearts at this year’s AWESOME Festival. Three actors double as musicians and triple as clowns, in a witty and charming performance that will take you on a journey without words…blending the old with the new. Circus tricks, music and lots of laughter & smiles are sure to create a joyful experience for the whole family! [more]

  • Guru Dudu's Silent Disco Walking Tours

    Australia 4–11 Oct Perth Cultural Centre

    Get ready to shake your groove thing! The Guru is back by popular demand! Back with a brand new tour in 2015, Guru Dudu is a fun-loving modern guru who loves to interpret the world through disco dance. He will take you on a Silent Disco Walking Tour where everyone wears headphones (supplied) and listens in to the same music simultaneously along with the Guru’s hilarious commentary. [more]

  • Filmbites - Makeup SFX & Screen Acting Workshops

    Western Australia 3–6 Oct Perth Cultural Centre

    Forensic SFX – Ever wondered how they make blood and guts look so real on TV? Now you can learn! In this workshop you’ll learn how to create real looking wounds, such as the stages of bruising and simple cuts with a few simple materials and techniques. There is a maximum of 15 participants for each session, so get in quick! [more]

  • The West Australian Activity Zone

    Western Australia 3–12 Oct Perth Cultural Centre

    Welcome to The West Australian Activity Zone, a place where creativity can come to life through a variety of hands-on interactive activities. All included in the one low price of $15, you can utilise your wristband for the whole 10 days of the general public season at the AWESOME Festival. If your wristband is looking a bit worse for wear, simply bring your old one in and we’ll swap it for you! [more]

  • Future Me

    Western Australia 3–12 Oct The Lego Tent, Perth Cultural Centre

    From the extraordinary to the everyday, we all have a dream of who and what we might be doing in the future – a doctor, an astronaut, a rock star or the inventor of the robot teacher! Using Lego as a fun and creative medium, work alongside artist Lewis Horne to create your unique vision for the future of people, places and ideas. Remember, in the future anything is possible… [more]

  • Inner Worlds

    Australia 4–12 Oct Perth Cultural Centre

    Posing as a series of standard rubbish bins common in any outdoor space, these installations are truly unique worlds within worlds for discovery! Bins will robotically open to show themselves to be more than receptacles for waste, capturing the attention and hearts of those passing by. Each bin will house a beautiful story book style world, which will come to life before your eyes. [more]

  • Inner Worlds Paper Folding Workshops

    Australia 3–12 Oct Perth Cultural Centre

    Drop by the Perth Cultural Centre Activity Tent to create your own Inner World using a Japanese paper folding style called “Pepakura”. Using craft supplies participants will make their own paper bins and then create a tiny world within it, much like their larger counterparts on display. These magnificent inner worlds will then be photographed and displayed on screens nearby for all to see. [more]

  • The Cubby House Project

    Western Australia 3–12 Oct Perth Cultural Centre

    The Cubby House Project is a collaboration between children involved in DADAA’s Be Active Artlink Program and designers Duncan McGrath and Lachlan Brett (Dunc’n’Wagnell). The children have worked alongside the designers as well as DADAA’s arts workers and support workers to make their own architectural models, inspired by the theme of Alice in Wonderland. The final cubby house is a life size amalgamation of the models created in the school holiday workshop. The Cubby House Project showcases the creativity of the Artlink participants through a fun, inclusive and creative space designed by children for children! [more]

  • Fazzoletto

    Belgium 3–12 Oct Fazzoletto Tent

    Oh no! The Circo Ripopolo Circus tent has shrunk in the wash and is now a tiny 3m by 4m high! The audience, as well as the artists must shrink too to fit inside this tiny venue. Even the performance is reduced to around 17 minutes! Two stable guys (who are the only ones not shrunken) will perform hilarious acts from a tight-rope walker to a human canon-ball! [more]

  • A Matter of Factory

    Australia 22 Sep–10 Oct Turner Galleries

    A Matter of Factory is a unique exhibition from collaborative duo Soft Stories. Made up of curious cardboard structures and stop-motion animations, A Matter of Factory is an installation exploring tensions related to industrialization, and uses handicrafts to present the mass fabrication of the ultimate in designer pets and designer meats: the sausage-dog. A Matter of Factory is currently on display at the Science Centre Singapore as part of Interplay, curated by Ars Electronica. It will be exhibited at Turner Galleries from 22 September to 10 October 2015. [more]

  • Illustration Workshops with James Foley

    Australia 3–12 Oct State Library of Western Australia

    Learn to tell a story through pictures with award winning children’s author and illustrator James Foley! During the workshop James will explain what goes into illustrating a story and the techniques that are used, before you get to use your newfound knowledge to try your hand at illustration. There are only four workshops available, with a maximum of 15 places per session – so don’t miss out! [more]

  • Rivertime Bookclub with Trace Balla

    Victoria 5–10 Oct State Library of Western Australia

    Rivertime is a tender and beautiful illustrated tale of a boy and his bird-watching uncle, on a paddling trip on Australia’s Geleng River. It is a story about slowing down, growing up and connecting with the land and its creatures. Join author Trace Balla at a special book club event to learn more about how she wrote and illustrated Rivertime. [more]

  • Benjamin & Me

    Western Australia 6–11 Oct The Blue Room

    Benjamin is Will’s best mate in the whole wide world. Benjamin is also a dog.

    One morning, Will wakes up with an idea. He has decided to build the first ever boy-dog operated flying machine. And so, this coming-of-age adventure takes to the skies…

    Follow the extraordinary journey of this young boy, his dog, their wild imagination and a ukulele… [more]

  • The Red Balloon

    Western Australia 3–17 Oct State Theatre Centre of Western Australia

    The Red Balloon is a tale of magic and friendship found in the most unlikely of places. On his way to school, a young boy finds a red balloon tangled around a lamp post, Soon after rescuing it, the boy discovers the balloon has a mid of its own! Together, the boy and his balloon wander the streets, exploring the neighbourhood and searching for adventure.
    A Rio Tinto Black Swan Commission, The Red Balloon is the world premiere of the stage adaptation based on the Academy Award-winning short film of the same name. [more]

  • Twitcher Picture - The Art of Birds

    Victoria 5–12 Oct The Bird Hide Outdoor Theatre, In The AWESOME Garden (Behind the WA Museum)

    Work with author and illustrator Trace Balla to learn some quirky facts about local birds and techniques to illustrate them. Participants will work together to create a beautiful poster, which they will receive a copy of to take home. [more]

  • Bella and the Wandering House Book Launch

    Western Australia 11 Oct The Seagull Tent, Perth Cultural Centre

    It was the same as every other day – out the door, down the path, into the car, off to school. But when Bella stepped off the veranda, she stopped. Bella looked back at the house. And as she did, a shiver prickled her skin. Because what she saw made no sense. What’s a girl to do, when her house can’t find a home? [more]

  • Tiny Tales - A Collection of Children's Short Films

    United States of America 3–12 Oct Perth Cultural Centre

    Make yourself comfortable in the Seagull Tent and be amazed by tales from across the world in a collection of award winning films from the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival. Be inspired by the wonder and adventure created by these filmmakers from places as far-reaching as Japan, Brazil and Sweden. Films show on repeat from 10am-4pm daily, excluding Tuesday 6th October 10am-2pm. [more]

  • Treasure Ships

    Australia 10–11 Oct Art Gallery of Western Australia

    To celebrate the opening of the Treasure Ships: Art in the Age of Spices exhibition, AWESOME and the Art Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA) are working together to present a wonderful Family Weekend. Treasure Ships features the spectacular and exotic art produced for global markets between the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries. The exhibition uses extraordinary works of art to tell the story of spice markets and shipwrecks. Come along to the Family Opening Weekend to take part in some fun, creative activities to help you learn more about the themes within the exhibition. [more]

  • This Is Where I Am

    Western Australia 3–16 Oct State Library of Western Australia

    AWESOME’s Creative Challenge program visits regional, rural and remote Western Australian communities each year, enabling young people to share their stories and engaging them through process-driven workshops with artists-in-residence.

    In 2015, young participants worked to the theme of This Is Where I Am and explored a variety of places and/or ideas central to their well-being… [more]

  • Better Beginnings Books-To-Go

    Australia 3–12 Oct Urban Orchard, Perth Cultural Centre

    Visit Better Beginnings Books- To- Go and create your very own book to take home. You can even publish your work for others to enjoy, adding to the growing library of books made by families from all over Australia. Better Beginnings Books-To-Go is brought to the AWESOME Festival by the State Library of Western Australia’s Better Beginnings Family Literacy Program and Kids Own Publishing. [more]

  • Playgroup WA - Interactive Play Area

    Western Australia 3–12 Oct Urban Orchard, Perth Cultural Centre

    Join Playgroup WA with your youngsters in a world of Imagination and Creativity. Relax with your little ones and get new interactive play ideas from playgroup professionals. Also, discover why community playgroups are AWESOME and find a playgroup in your area. There is even a special baby-zone for the littlies to relax and kick their legs while doing some tummy time and playing with homemade baby toys. [more]

  • Imagination Playground

    Western Australia 3–12 Oct Urban Orchard, Perth Cultural Centre

    Using giant Imagination Playground Blocks children can build a new world every day of the Festival. This interactive activity is comprised of a wide variety of loose parts including cubes, bricks, cylinders, cogs and curves for children to move and transform a play space including imaginary houses, sky scrapers, ships or even animals. Imagination Playground is child-centred and encourages self-expression through play. [more]

  • Pyjama Day

    Western Australia 6 Oct Perth Cultural Centre

    Leaving the house in your pyjamas? What nonsense! AWESOME invites you to embrace the nonsensical and wear your pyjamas to our special Pyjama Day event, featuring a live outside broadcast with 720 ABC Perth’s Afternoons. Join us in front of the big screen for artist interviews, and some special pyjama-related fun! [more]

  • Teachers Q&A - Dame Lynley Dodd

    New Zealand 7 Oct State Library of Western Australia

    Be inspired at this special Q&A opportunity with Dame Lynley Dodd. Query her about her processes, what inspires her and how her stories can work into school curriculum. This one-off unique opportunity is open only to teachers. [more]

  • Author/Illustrator Q&A - Dame Lynley Dodd

    New Zealand 5 Oct State Library of Western Australia

    Be inspired at this special Q&A opportunity with Dame Lynley Dodd. Query her about her processes and what inspires her in this one-off unique opportunity open only to professional authors and illustrators. [more]

  • I Love My Museum

    Western Australia 28 Sep–9 Oct Western Australia Museum - Perth

    We all have our favourite object at the Western Australian Museum. But have you ever taken the time to tell the object (or the world) how you feel about it? Sometimes it is important to find a way of sharing what you love!

    As the WA Museum gets [more]

  • Story Time with Emily Lim!

    Singapore 12 Oct State Library of Western Australia

    Join Emily Lim, author of books such as Price Bear and Pauper Pair and The Tale of Rusty Horse for a wonderful story time session. Emily will not only read one of her books, but share special insights into how and why she wrote them. [more]