2014 AWESOME Festival

2014 AWESOME Festival

2014 AWESOME Festival is a Wrap! Thank You!

A huge thank you goes to all who supported the 2014 AWESOME Festival this year. We couldn’t have done it without our wonderful partners: Proud Principal Partner: BHP Billiton Major Partners: Wesfarmers Arts, The Department of Culture and the Arts, City of Perth and the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority. Major Community Partner: Lotterywest Media Partners: Channel 7 Perth, The West Australian, 720 ABC Perth, 303LOWE & ZAC Creative Venue Partners: The Western Australian Museum, The State Library of Western Australia, The State Theatre Centre of Western Australia, Perth Theatre Trust, The Art Gallery of WA, PICA, Propel Youth Arts & The Hive Creative Arts Space. Supporting Partners: DADAA & Playgroup WA

We’d also like to send a heartfelt “thank you” to our many volunteers, who donate their time, energy and smiles to assisting us to create a truly wonderful experience for families.

Our production team is just the bees knees, and they work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly to keep everyone safe and happy. They have been handed challenges, which have been overcome with amazing professionalism and efficiency. We love you guys! To the artists who make the stunning, exciting, beautiful and quirky artwork, shows, performances, workshops and activities – thank you for sharing your talents with Team AWESOME and the families of Perth.

Last but certainly not least – thanks to all who came and bought tickets to a show, took part in a free activity, enjoyed a workshop or told your friends. Our little company and this Festival wouldn’t exist without you, and we hope we’ve managed to inject a little more creativity and sparked some imaginations in your home!

2014 AWESOME Festival ASD Guide

You can download our first dedicated festival guide for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder via the link below. We hope that this guide helps you to make decisions about what to attend (and what not to attend) at the 2014 AWESOME Festival.

Knowing that every child with ASD is an individual with individual needs, we have done our best to gather information about events within the festival program, but ultimately it is parents and carers who are best placed to understand their child’s needs and responses and make decisions about what to attend. This guide aims to support you in these decisions.

2014 AWESOME Festival ASD Guide
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Monster Mash Activity Sheet

Monster Mash Activity Sheet.pdf
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    Queensland 7–11 Oct State Theatre Centre of Western Australia

    The Gingham family are very concerned for all the lost and discarded hand-made toys in the world and travel the globe to find them. They bring them to their colourful home and welcome them to the family. Each toy is introduced, one-by-one, and after seeing a short film of how they came to be lost, they are given a voice, a dance groove, their very own night-light…and a nice comfy bed. [more]

  • The Magic Chicken

    New Zealand 9–12 Oct State Theatre Centre of Western Australia

    Devour a slapstick treat of culinary chaos! Two underlectual chefs in a Seussian kitchen cook up a hilarious concoction of punk-potato physical comedy, live music and puppetry. As our half-baked heroes juggle pots, knives and snarling customers, their lives are interrupted by a mysterious feathered friend. The orders are coming thick and fast, but can our dumb waiters stop the caper from turning to custard? [more]

  • Lily Can't Sleep

    Queensland 4–10 Oct The Seagull Tent, Perth Cultural Centre

    New day. New school. New house. New room. Everything’s changing for Lily. Night falls and she’s got a lot on her mind. No wonder she can’t get to sleep. Her mum tells her to count sheep, but what good is that when one of them is running amok in her room? Enter Baarbara, an all-singing, all-dancing woolly entertainer who helps Lily dream up ways to put what’s worrying her to bed. [more]

  • Earworms

    Victoria 7–12 Oct Perth Cultural Centre

    It’s an ear party and both of them are invited!

    The hilarious, messy and decidedly insane, Rich and Matt from The Listies are back with the chaotic and ingenious show Earworms! Earworms is an interactive radio show recorded live each day and the [more]

  • Echolalia

    New Zealand 8–13 Oct Western Australia Museum - Perth

    Inspired by the struggles and joys of autistic children, Jen McArthur introduces us to Echo, a delightful young woman who is making her way in the world. Echo’s daily routine is unusual, she is quite particular about certain things and she has fears that some of us won’t understand. [more]

  • Plain Jane

    Western Australia 6–11 Oct State Theatre Centre of Western Australia

    Based loosely on one of the world’s most popular children’s fairytales Cinderella, Plain Jane celebrates the joy of dance, music and storytelling.

    A whimsical and enchanting look at the joy of movement and tangled relationships, this performance is sure to capture your imagination… [more]

  • Moominpappa at Sea

    4–13 Oct Western Australia Museum - Perth

    Have you ever met a Moomintroll?

    Come and meet the Moomins, a world-famous family of friendly white trolls created by Finnish author, Tove Jansson in her magical storybook series. Spare Parts Puppet Theatre has adapted this play from the original… [more]

  • Laser Beak Man

    Queensland 4–13 Oct State Library of Western Australia

    Tim Sharp is a visual artist of international renown and we are thrilled to welcome him to the AWESOME Festival. Tim is most famous for the creation of Laser Beak Man, a colourful superhero with a keen sense of irony who knows how to have fun! Hailing from Brisbane, Tim has autism (ASD) and like many young people with ASD, his initial prognosis was bleak. That was until his Mum, Judy, put a pencil in his hand. Tim’s story is one of unconditional love, hard work, hope and real talent. [more]

  • Better Beginnings Books-To-Go

    Western Australia 4–13 Oct Urban Orchard, Perth Cultural Centre

    Visit Better Beginnings Books- To- Go and create your very own book to take home. You can even publish your work for others to enjoy, adding to the growing library of books made by families from all over Australia. Better Beginnings Books-To-Go is brought to the AWESOME Festival by the State Library of Western Australia’s Better Beginnings Family Literacy Program and Kids Own Publishing. [more]

  • Early Childhood Creative Play Space

    Western Australia 4–13 Oct Urban Orchard, Perth Cultural Centre

    The Urban Orchard will transform into a space for creative play for the under 5s and their grown ups!

    Discover and Play
    Join Playgroup WA with your youngsters in a world of Imagination and Creativity. Relax with your little ones and enjoy this magic moment of special time while creating something awesome with your child… [more]

  • Galloping Tales

    New Zealand 4–13 Oct State Library of Western Australia Theatre

    Galloping Tales are stories, games and interactive encounters in a world of shapes, masks and weird and wonderful characters. Realised through Digital Puppetry, using X-Box Kinect technology bright young things can interact with a world full of possibilities. Combining the fantasy of an animated cartoon, with the immediacy of live performance and the story telling of your favourite books, Galloping Tales will have you up on your feet and interacting in ways you would not have thought possible! [more]

  • Film Workshops

    Queensland 4–11 Oct Western Australia Museum - Perth

    The Monster Zoo
    One of the main attractions from The Monster Zoo is on the loose and we need your help to get him back in his cage! Budding documentary film makers will work together in teams to search the Western Australian Museum for clues. Each clue comes to life with the use of an augmented reality viewfinder app on an ipad. Young film makers will document their findings through interviews and observational footage they will film using iPads. At the end of the experience the team will work with the zoo keepers to edit their documentary and finish the workshop with a special screening of their film. [more]

  • Robot Road Trip

    Victoria 4–10 Oct Perth Cultural Centre

    The boys from Cake Industries are back with their travelling mobile arts technology experience, Robot Road Trip! There’s new, exciting activities to try! Check them out!

    Robot Story Time: “Radius” is back this year to entertain your bright young things with fun storytelling and bad jokes! Radius is an old humanoid robot from a future time… [more]

  • Shaping Stories

    Western Australia 4–13 Oct State Library of Western Australia

    AWESOME’s Creative Challenge program visits regional and remote Western Australian communities each year, engaging young people in story-telling and art skills workshops with artists-in-residence.

    In 2014, in partnership with the State Library of Western Australia, young participants worked to the theme of Shaping Stories and explored the art of storytelling and different mediums through which their community’s story could be told… [more]

  • Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones

    Canada 4–13 Oct

    The creator of Swamp Juice and shadow puppet master Jeff Achtem returns to delight young audiences with AWESOME Festival Favourite, Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones! Made from every day junk, flying chickens and sneaky ninjas take on luminous personalities in hilarious scenes involving brain surgery, horse racing, competitive chess with some kung fu thrown in! Marvel as this magnetic performer draws you in with his imaginative shadow creations, makes you laugh and leaves you and your family with a feeling of pure joy! [more]

  • Story Book

    Western Australia and New South Wales 4–13 Oct Urban Orchard, Perth Cultural Centre

    Story Book is an installation best described as ‘adventure art’ that sparks the imagination and ignites the senses! Following simple prompts children can pick a path through Story Book to create their own adventure and mini story book to take home. Story Book encourages free play and creativity so get ready to unlock your imagination! [more]

  • Tristan's Monsters

    Western Australia 4–13 Oct Art Gallery of Western Australia

    Tristan is a 9 year old boy with a passion for sharks. At 2 years old Tristan was diagnosed with Autism. His love of art allowed his parents into his world, and through their unconditional love and unwavering support, Tristan has created stunning artworks of sharks, dinosaurs and other monsters! Bright young things and their families are invited to experience Tristan’s Monsters and inspired by Tristan’s world, create their own work of art at the Art Gallery of WA. [more]

  • The West Australian Tent

    4–13 Oct Urban Orchard, Perth Cultural Centre

    Parents, do you need some time to relax? Why not chill out at The West Australian Tent in the Urban Orchard? Grab a cup of coffee, sit and watch the kids entertain themselves in Imagination Playground.

    You can even complete one of The West Austral [more]

  • Be Active Artlink & stARTSPEAK with DADAA

    Western Australia 6–13 Oct The Hive: Creative Art Space


    DADAA supports the development of communities that value diversity, respect equality and provide opportunities for West Australians to realise their full potential through the arts… [more]

  • AWESOME Kids Book Club - The Last Viking Returns

    6 Oct State Library of Western Australia

    Josh is as brave as a Viking Warrior. And not much can scare a Viking. Not even bullies. But the two littlest Vikings are so fearless they think they’re invisible. When Pop takes the family to Viking World, the two little Vikings go berserk! Josh is in for one rocky ride as he discovers just how far he’ll go to keep them safe. Join author Norman Jorgensen as he takes you on a journey through his amazing book The Last Viking Returns! [more]

  • Gentlemen of the Road

    United Kingdom 6–13 Oct Perth Cultural Centre

    The Chipolatas bring their unique brand of circus theatre with live music to capture hearts at this year’s AWESOME Festival. Three actors double as musicians and triple as clowns, in a witty and charming performance that will take you on a journey without words…blending the old with the new. Circus tricks, music and lots of laughter & smiles are sure to create a joyful experience for the whole family! [more]

  • Nursery

    South Australia 6–10 Oct State Theatre Centre of Western Australia

    After the huge success of This Baby Life, Sally Chance Dance returns to the AWESOME Festival with beautiful new work Nursery.

    Nursery is a safe and special play space where delight is devised moment by moment and where babies and performers together… [more]

  • Guru Dudu's Silent Disco Walking Tours

    Victoria 7–13 Oct Perth Cultural Centre

    Guru Dudu is a fun-loving modern guru who loves to interpret the world through disco dance. He will take you on a Silent Disco Walking Tour where everyone wears headphones (supplied) and listens in to the same music simultaneously along with the Guru’s hilarious commentary. [more]

  • Song Play with Fay and Jane

    Victoria 10–13 Oct

    Catch a Song
    Bring you little ones to a happy, gentle and lively session of quality singing – sweet and engaging action songs with a space for children to respond. Collect lots of ideas for musical play to take home from this light-heated, fully interactive session of music-making using voices, hands, knees and feet. [more]

  • AWESOME Kids Book Club - Near & Dear

    Singapore 12 Oct State Library of Western Australia

    Near and Dear: Stories for Children from Australia and Singapore.

    Is your dad a superhero? Timmy thinks his dad is and daydreams about secret superhero adventures they could go on together. But Timmy’s dad is not quite who he seems. Timmy must learn to be the superhero of his family… [more]