2014 AWESOME Festival

2014 AWESOME Festival

4-17 October – Perth Cultural Centre

The AWESOME International Arts Festival for Bright Young Things is a showcase of amazing and exciting contemporary art from all over the world. Each October, young people and their grown ups are invited to enjoy an extraordinary array of both free and ticketed theatre, contemporary dance & music, sculpture, installation and new media in the Perth Cultural Centre.

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As always, a huge thank you goes to our magnificent sponsor Lotterywest, who featured an AWESOME workshop in this gorgeous commercial.

Lotterywest TV Commercial 2013 from AWESOME Arts on Vimeo.


    Queensland 7–11 Oct State Theatre Centre of Western Australia

    The Gingham family are very concerned for all the lost and discarded hand-made toys in the world and travel the globe to find them. They bring them to their colourful home and welcome them to the family. Each toy is introduced, one-by-one, and after seeing a short film of how they came to be lost, they are given a voice, a dance groove, their very own night-light…and a nice comfy bed. [more]

  • The Magic Chicken

    New Zealand 9–12 Oct State Theatre Centre of Western Australia

    Devour a slapstick treat of culinary chaos! Two underlectual chefs in a Seussian kitchen cook up a hilarious concoction of punk-potato physical comedy, live music and puppetry. As our half-baked heroes juggle pots, knives and snarling customers, their lives are interrupted by a mysterious feathered friend. The orders are coming thick and fast, but can our dumb waiters stop the caper from turning to custard? [more]

  • Lily Can't Sleep

    Queensland 4–11 Oct The Seagull Tent, Perth Cultural Centre

    New day. New school. New house. New room. Everything’s changing for Lily. Night falls and she’s got a lot on her mind. No wonder she can’t get to sleep. Her mum tells her to count sheep, but what good is that when one of them is running amok in her room? Enter Baarbara, an all-singing, all-dancing woolly entertainer who helps Lily dream up ways to put what’s worrying her to bed. [more]

  • Earworms

    Victoria 7–12 Oct Perth Cultural Centre

    It’s an ear party and both of them are invited!

    The hilarious, messy and decidedly insane, Rich and Matt from The Listies are back with the chaotic and ingenious show Earworms! Earworms is an interactive radio show recorded live each day and the [more]

  • Moominpappa at Sea

    4–13 Oct Western Australia Museum - Perth

    Have you ever met a Moomintroll?

    Come and meet the Moomins, a world-famous family of friendly white trolls created by Finnish author, Tove Jansson in her magical storybook series. Spare Parts Puppet Theatre has adapted this play from the original… [more]

  • Laser Beak Man

    Queensland 4–13 Oct State Library of Western Australia

    Tim Sharp is a visual artist of international renown and we are thrilled to welcome him to the AWESOME Festival. Tim is most famous for the creation of_Laser Beak Man_, a colourful superhero with a keen sense of irony who knows how to have fun! Hailing from Brisbane, Tim has autism (ASD) and like many young people with ASD, his initial prognosis was bleak. That was until his Mum, Judy, put a pencil in his hand. Tim’s story is one of unconditional love, hard work, hope and real talent. [more]

  • Guru Dudu's Silent Disco Walking Tours

    Victoria 7–13 Oct Perth Cultural Centre

    Guru Dudu is a fun-loving modern guru who loves to interpret the world through disco dance. He will take you on a Silent Disco Walking Tour where everyone wears headphones (supplied) and listens in to the same music simultaneously along with the Guru’s hilarious commentary. [more]