The AWESOME International Arts Festival for Bright Young Things!


Image Credit: James Campbell @Catch Create

Image Credit: James Campbell @Catch Create

AWESOME Festival

AWESOME Arts Australia presents the annual: AWESOME International Arts Festival for Bright Young Things. The Festival includes a spectacular array of events from theatre to dance, early childhood activities, music, film and hands-on crafts. We offer fun, layered programming for children aged 0-12 and their families.

We would sincerely like to thank BHP South Flank Project and Fluor Australia for supporting our concession ticket program in 2018! Their generous support enabled us to provide discounted tickets to socio-economically disadvantaged families and gave them an AWESOME day out!


AWESOME Arts offer a fantastic tour and excursion program exclusively for schools every year during the first week of Term 4. There is always a variety of school programs which include teaching resources and class room activities associated with the Festival program and WA curriculum linked. If you are a teacher you can access our extensive teachers handbook HERE.

If you would like any additional information on our education programs or resources you can visit the education page on the AWESOME website HERE or contact us for further information.

ASD Guide

AWESOME Arts continues to partner with DADAA (Disability in the Arts, Disadvantage in the Arts Australia) to deliver special navigational guides linked to our Festival program. We develop the ASD guide each year in order to help families make the most of their AWESOME experience.
We continue to seek feedback on the guide so that we can help families make informed activity choices to suit each Bright Young Thing.
If you have any questions or feedback about our ASD guide or would like to know more about the AWESOME Arts Festival feel free to contact us

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