Chloe Spiers-Atherden

Chloe is primarily an visual artist, although she loves to experiment with sounds and music as well. Her work is concerned with mythological traditions and stories, as well as the complex visual systems through which they are elaborated. Using geometric patterns and organic textures, she attempts to bring her own personal mythological narratives to life. Find out more about Chloe here.

Alex Last

Alex Last is a multi-disciplinary artist working primarily in sound design, photography, video art and social sculpture. His work explores themes of interconnectedness, the coevolution of life and mind, human mythology, planetary ecology and the ever-changing realm of the Internet, amongst other things. His primary artistic goal is to assist others in realising their own creative potential.

Kathleen Szalay Hoffmann

Kathleen is an American-born dancer/choreographer. She received a BFA in dance performance with Honours from the Conservatory of Dance at Purchase College, Suny in May 2011. Kathleen was chosen to study on exchange at WAAPA for a semester during her studies. Since graduating, Kathleen has worked in developmental processes with chunky move, buzz dance theatre, Alice Lee Holland, and Emma Fishwick and performed the lead role in Prompt Corner’s production of Cinderella. She worked on a six-month contract for Ausdance WA as the organization’s Project Manager and currently teaches Graham master classes at the Graduate College of Dance. In May 2012, Kathleen founded Watch Your Language Dance, presenting contemporary work in social venues throughout Perth. Kathleen performed at the Perth Fringe Festival as part of the Blue Room Summer Nights season in January 2013. Find out more about Kathleen here.

Minaxi May

Known for her multidisciplinary art practice Minaxi explores colour, sculpture, installation, print and wall works with a collage aesthetics, using bought, reusable or ephemeral materials including plastics (acrylic, toys, objects & vinyl), stickers, stationery, food, fabrics and new/multi-media. Her conceptually based works investigate themes of popular culture especially in relation to consumerism, with an emphasis on beauty, design and the everyday. Her materially based approaches are typically identified with a spectacular use of fluoro and bright colour, repetition and play, often with collected materials. She is inspired from all around her, her style is particularly influenced by Japanese (Asian) or retro, ‘cute,’ kitsch, childlike or playful,temporary and the beautiful, decorative and design aesthetics. Many artists, who have a similar affinity with artistic sense inspire her (the list continues to grow) including Marcel Duchamp and the readymades, pop artists in particular Claes Oldenburg and Warhol (her friend calls her Andy Warhol’s cousin), Robert Indiana and contemporary artists including Takashi Murakami, Jen Stark, Tom Friedman, Tara Donovan, Beci Orpin, Kirra Jamisonm Friends with You, and other creatives such as Wu & Wu, Bjork, Michel Gondry and Karim Rashid.

Jesse Stevens & Dean Petersen (Cake Industries)

Media Artists Jesse Stevens & Dean Petersen have worked under the collaborative pseudonym of Cake Industries since 2006. They are artists, tinkerers and futuristic dreamers. Their practice concentrates on electromechanical sensing, handmade electronics, lighting, and robotics to create anthropomorphic, autonomous, self regulating objects to investigate ideas of reality, future, and culture. Heavily influenced by 1950s science fiction dystopia, their work blends old world sensibilities with new world perspective to present an anachronistic representation of society.

Cake Industries present a wide range of both purely learning based creative workshops, and creative collaborative project style workshops which enable participants to connect not only with new skill sets and technology, but one another to form new relationships and self learning possibilities. Their project “Robot Road Trip” is currently touring nationally and internationally. Housing all of the various workshops and projects together as a touring event, “Robot Road Trip” has a strong focus on regional areas and younger participants in an attempt to engage the next generation of creative robot dreamers.

Matt McVeigh

Matt McVeigh is a contemporary visual artist & designer. Skilled in several branches of visual arts, he has created striking and original production design work for many stage productions and innovative community art projects.
Matt graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts 2008, majoring in Design for Live Performance. Since graduating he has been commissioned in the capacity of sculptor, painter, community artist, puppet, set, costume and event designer for various clients. Most recently he created a large ephemeral public art piece, a 4 metre long ice sculpture as well as a number of kinetic wind sculptures.

Matt has also worked across Western Australia mainly in remote areas, as a community artists creating context- responsive and socially engaged projects. He is interested in working with communities to overcome traditional divisions between art, performance and production with spectators through art projects that involve community participation.

His visual art practice is best described somewhere between pop and conceptual art. Matt’s practice explores contemporary obsessions with issues such as race, media, social status, commerce etc. His art often questions the primacy of structure and agency in human behaviour.

Calvin Chee

Based in Western Australia, Malaysian born artist Calvin Chee has been practicing art for over ten years. His practice utilises everyday materials and objects which are transformed into artworks of extraordinary beauty or unusual function. Calvin’s practice includes sculpture, painting, public art, fashion, illustration, puppetry and event management.

Calvin is particularly passionate about engaging in projects which build capacity of the youth and disabled members of the community and their support organisations. His community involvement has allowed him to work with the public to build their understanding and involvement in the arts, as well as change public perceptions about who can participate in art and recycling.

Calvin’s work exposes that mankind is inextricably linked to nature yet preoccupied with by synthetic materials, which are often at odds with each other. Recurring themes in Calvin’s artwork include society’s need to consume less and to conserve more and the material barriers society places between ourselves and our natural environment.

Jenny McArthur

Jen is a graduate of the New Zealand School of Dance, Victorian College of the Arts – Choreography, Melbourne, and Circomedia – Circus Skills and Physical Theatre School, Bristol. She has done further extensive clown training with Giovanni Fusetti, John Bolton and John Wright.

Jen’s passion is in using physical skills, clown and theatre to tell relevant stories and to enliven and engage with audiences.
Her first solo show Echolalia, won Best Solo Show at the New Zealand Fringe Festival 2012 and went on to receive multiple 5 star reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2013 and 2014. It has toured to Australia, the UK and Finland as well as extensively around festivals and schools in New Zealand.

Jen is a Clown Doctor at Wellington Hospital, has co-led a community arts project in a small mining town in Western Australia and will this August give the Key Note Presentation at the American Alliance for Theatre and Education National Conference in Milwaukee.

Belinda Mettam

Belinda is an artist / sculptor who is inspired by nature and is interested in creating work that exhibits a playful lightness of spirit.
As well as doing some artist residencies, she has exhibited in Sculpture @ Bathers and Melville Sculpture Walk. Belinda also has some permanent Public Art installations in the City of Perth and the Town of Victoria Park.
She studied art and design at Curtin University and Central Tafe, completing an Advanced Diploma in Fine Art.

Fionn Mullholland

Fionn is a Perth-based film artist with both Irish and Australian backgrounds. Having grown up in Kalgoorlie WA, he moved with his family back to Ireland in 2000 and returned to Perth in November 2011 to start up his own film company, Daxen Photography, based at Paper Mountain in Northbridge WA. His Independent projects include “Marshmallow Fellows”, a series of shorts that are presented daily in Melbourne’s Federation square and Perth Cultural Centre’s Public Screens; and “Creation of the Half Hipster”, a short film and live performance event presented in the Perth Cultural Centre for Fringe World 2014. Since returning to Perth he has created documentation and promotional videos for His Majesty’s Theatre, The Blue Room Theatre, PICA, Proximity Festival, Performing Lines WA, and STRUT dance as well as for independent artists and production company’s including James Berlyn, Kynan Tan, Speak Percussion, Red Ryder Productions and theMOXYcollective. In 2014 Fionn lead a film workshop for high school students in Bunbury as part of Bunbery Youth Arts Festival. In the same year he collaborated with Emma Fishwick on her “Lineage” project, incorporating dance and photography; with Kathleen Szalay on live dance and film production “Dear Fred, I need more romance” as well as on a music video clip for Perth group Japanese Tongue Sisters. A collaborative work undertaken with Gera Woltjer has been selected for the 2015 Mid West Art Prize.

He was commissioned by Homebuyers Centre to create four comedy sketch-style advertisements that appeared on Youtube and Facebook at the end of 2014. He is currently working on a project commemorating The Blue Room Theatre’s 25 year anniversary for which he will be interviewing Tim Minchin and Kate Mulvany.

Claire Pendrigh and Daniel Macnish, (Knitglitch)

Knit Glitch is an arts collective which combines old craft with new media. We use fiber crafts such as felting, knitting, sewing and crochet in conjunction with mechanical elements like lights and sounds triggered by sensors to create interactive and physically immersive artworks.
We want to celebrate the joy of the tactile in a world where interactive experiences are increasingly virtualised and mediated through a screen. Knit Glitch is about having fun, creative thinking, skill building and connecting communities. Together, we learn through play and material exploration.

Jacqueline Warrick and Sarah Landro, (Camera Story)

One day Sarah, Jacqueline and their cameras were taken into the heart of Old Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. In this place where life was cramped, dirty and really really hard they were introduced to a tiny factory where they saw adults and children work from dawn til dusk making small metal boxes. Overwhelmed by what they saw they tried in vain to connect their eye to the camera, then to the story unfolding in front of them. What happened instead was that the people of that tiny place connected with their hearts.
This small moment impacted deeply on both of them and it was from this day they began to see the whole story.
Since that time both girls have completed their Masters in Communications majoring in Photomedia and continued working through photography with communities both in India and Bangladesh. Back in Perth Sarah maintains her own small commercial practice as well as working with one of Australia’s leading photographers. She sustains her links to the burgeoning Perth photographic community through her work at the Perth Centre for Photography. Jacqueline been pursuing her love of travel photography and has recently completed a travel book and continues her work photographing the Indian Himalayas.

At the beginning of 2013 they created Camera Story and since that time have dedicated their small experience and big love to the people of Perth. Currently working in the northern areas they have established a collaborative, creative and compassionate learning program combining the skills needed to operate a camera with the heart needed to see the whole story.