• Vision, Mission and Values

    Our VISION is for AWESOME to be internationally recognised as an innovative, dynamic platform through which children access and engage with the arts, nurturing values that endure into adulthood.

    Our MISSION is to provide ever-expanding opportunities for Western Australia’s children to actively engage with, the arts, intensifying their connectivity with the broader world in which they live.

    Our VALUES are predicated on our organisation’s imperatives. We are intent on offering ‘quality’, ‘impact’, ‘reach’ and ‘value’ for our children, their parents, and their educators.   We value our ability to offer different ways of thinking about and ‘imagining’ our world. We value our ability to serve as a catalyst in inspiring children’s creativity. We value our role in promoting quality engagement with the arts that will have enduring benefits as today’s children move towards adulthood.

    About the Company

    AWESOME Arts is a not-for-profit contemporary arts company for young people. AWESOME aims to engage with young people under 12 through exciting, inspiring, accessible and challenging arts activities and programs. Based in the Perth Cultural Centre, AWESOME presents the annual AWESOME Festival, the Creative Challenge and other Special Programs.

    The AWESOME International Arts Festival for Bright Young Things is a showcase of the best and latest contemporary arts from around the world. Presented every October in the Perth Cultural Centre, the AWESOME Festival presents amazing, high quality arts activities and events for young people. The program is multi-faceted including new media, film, animation, contemporary dance, sculpture, installation and theatre.

    Creative Challenge is presented through a two-week residency program in ten regional or remote Western Australian communities. Each year a different multidisciplinary arts project is developed and led by a team of professional artists with the focus being upon exploring identity, history, stories and environment.

    Special Programs

    AWESOME’s special programs run in both regional and metropolitan Western Australia. They focus upon building community capacity and sustainability through high quality arts development projects, residencies and activities.

    • AWESOME For All is a donor program enabling young Western Australians who are disadvantaged physically, economically, culturally or geographically, to participate in the annual AWESOME Festival and its workshops.



    Photo: by Jarrad Seng


    Photo: Ken Drake (www.photovation.com)


    Photo: by Jarrad Seng